Ni Wayan Juliani, the Front Office Manager at Komaneka at Tanggayuda, has a passion for working — and a passion for dancing, and a passion for her family. She is indeed a passionate young woman whose small body seems to have enough energy for three people.

Yan Gek, as she is called — although her staff address her with the respectful “Bu Gek” — is from the village of Tebesaya, Peliatan, Ubud. In order to pay for her schooling, she performed with a local dance troupe. At the SMA high school in Ubud she studied English and Japanese and continued to dance in the evenings.

Yan Gek began training at Komaneka in 2006 as a daily worker in the boutique, and worked for a year in another resort. She joined the staff at Komaneka at Monkey Forest in 2008, working in the Front Office. In 2011 she became a senior staff member at the Front Office at Komaneka at Tanggayuda, then Staff Coordinator, then Assistant Front Office Manager, and finally Front Office Manager at Komaneka at Tanggayuda in 2015. It is a swift rise through the ranks.

All the while, she observed and learned all she could about everything from Housekeeping to Engineering. “There was so much to learn. There’s still so much to learn.” Meanwhile she married a young man from her village in 2010 and they have two small children. “After my second child, I stopped dancing. But I still dance when we have events here at the resort. There are so many people here who can dance that they have to take turns.”

Yan Gek gets excited when she talks about her job. “A Front Office Manager must learn to read the guests, and anticipate what they need before they even know it. This is what we try to do here.”

This concept of hospitality comes from the owners, Suteja Koman Neka and his wife Mansri Trisniawati, who are also the architects of the resorts. “This is their house, and they want the guests to be treated like their own house-guests.”

Yan Gek says that this relationship must begin in one’s own heart. This is not mere talk. “Sometimes when guests check out,” she says, “I’m so sad to see them go that I cry.”