Sometimes it’s nice to leave everything up to somebody else. This is especially true when you’re on holiday and in the mood for a romantic dinner. All you have to do is sit back and choose. At Komaneka Tanggayuda, where many guests never want to leave the spacious luxury of the resort, there is a lot to choose from — all beautifully decorated with flowers, lanterns, candles, and exotic fabrics.

The first thing to choose is the venue. You can request a dinner for two by the side of the main swimming pool — or by the side of your own pool in your villa. Then there’s the timing. Full moon, with a splendid sky shedding its magical light on the tropical gardens — or the new moon with its enveloping darkness to augment the atmosphere of intimacy?

Décor transforms the evening. You may opt for a pristine atmosphere of all white, or a sultry Balinese scheme of checkered cloth. The pool will lit up with lanterns and floating candles and flowers. Whatever you choose, the beautiful details of the scene will create the mood of exclusive festivity and privacy.

As for the food, there are numerous menus offered, both Western and Indonesian. This is a good opportunity, however, to explore the range of Balinese dishes that are the particular specialty of the Komaneka Tanggayuda cuisine, with a judicious blend of aromatic spices to excite the senses.

Whether your romantic dinner is for a special occasion or simply because it happens to be Tuesday, it will always glow in your memory.