The Ubud Food Festival is a three-day event that gathers Indonesia’s top culinary figures and food lovers from near and far to come experience the beauty of diversity through food.

This annual feast will take place on 12–14 May 2017, its third year showcasing culinary innovation from around the world, together with Indonesian chefs, restaurateurs, producers and food professionals.

Framing the richness of fresh tastes and ideas, the theme “Every Flavor is a Story” is taken to embody the Indonesia’s culinary heritage. It highlights the story lies behind every ingredient and recipe, as well as traditions from across archipelago that will be told through the food.

The festival offers activities starting from 7.30 in the morning to 11 at night. It features live cooking demonstrations, discussions like “Think, Talk, Taste”, “Kitchen Stage”, special events, and always a lot of eating.

The Ubud Food Festival is easily accessible while you are staying at a Komaneka resort. Don’t miss it!

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