In the midst of the busy life we are living, we push ourselves to maximum performance. But sometimes the body needs rest. Special care such as massage and spa treatments will help to deeply relax the muscles of the body.

Tirta Wangi Spa at Komaneka at Tanggayuda offers the Tanggayuda Royal package for a relaxation treatment within a natural ambience. This two-and-a-half-hour treatment focuses on body pampering, starting with a full-body massage. Performed by a skillful therapist, the treatment will stimulate the blood circulation as the muscles loosen up. It also helps to boost oxygen in the whole body, thus helping the body to slowly relax.

Next is an Aloe Vera rejuvenating skin scrub. The scrub is spread over the body to get all the benefits it provides. Aloe Vera has many nutrients that are beneficial for skin health as they nourish the skin from within. It is also believed to be helpful in preventing skin aging, because it exfoliates dead skin. As a good skin moisturizer, Aloe Vera gives the skin a healthy glow.

And, this is not yet the end. The Tanggayuda Royal treatment finishes with a flower and herb bath. The warm sensuous herbs and flowers will help you find peace of mind.

Plan your treatment with us and be royal!