Witnessing natural wonders is a great satisfaction for most people. Discovering and then leaving a trail of their beautiful journeys through camera shots has become a trend recently.

At Komaneka at Tanggayuda, life is close to nature. So, to get the best capture, go explore the beauty within our exceptional retreat! Here are some stunning spots you may consider:

Who can resist the charm of our infinity pools with a dramatic valley view? It is no secret that the pools have their own charm to hypnotize at Komaneka at Tanggayuda. The picture above is of Batukaru Infinity Pool early in the morning, taken by @joshzoo during his stay with us.

The Terrace Café Infinity Pool also has sublime views, as we can see from the picture below.

It is taken and posted by our guest @jenandturner on her Instagram account. This, too, is a morning shot, but the afternoon light is also wonderful. The difference would be the position of the sun, and perhaps fewer people using the pool in the morning.

And, still exploring the beauty of the pool, the “Sarden Corner” let you get good feeds for your social media account. It is between the restaurant and the pool. Look at the picture below!

This was taken by a guest and posted through her account @sharandova. This lovely shot needs a little more effort, because for this angle need you to go above the restaurant, Batukaru Kitchen, to the rooftop. As this is part of the restaurant area, you might get a light meal or cocktail there as a companion for your great moment to share.

Our “Tamarind Corner” and Rooftop also have their own beauty to be captured. Here you have the feeling of being in the treetops. Calmly enjoy the fresh air in the morning or the lovely afternoon light, ideal for taking pictures.

Another option is the Bale Banjar lounge. Our Bale Banjar is a handsome old Javanese joglo building of teak timber, a comfortable space where you can relax, read, and enjoy light refreshments.

It is rich with wood and has a special feeling of Indonesia. The design invites you explore every corner to get a perfect shot.

These are just a few stunning spots to be caught at Komaneka at Tanggayuda. There is so much more to explore. Just come visit us and let your camera roll!