Anyone who passes through the center of Ubud knows that there’s plenty of opportunity there for shopping. The entire town seems to be composed of shops — from stalls in the traditional market to smart boutiques lining the streets. There are shops specializing in local crafts, clothes, aromatic oils, sandals, imported bags, Indonesian textiles, jewelry, leather goods, batik sarongs, housewares, local art, books, and many other things for personal use or unusual gifts.

Shopping in Ubud takes some stamina, however. The little town is usually crowded from mid-day until well into the evening, with heavy congestion on the streets and sidewalks.

For this reason, guests at Komaneka at Tanggayuda may decide to do their shopping in air-conditioned comfort at the resort’s spacious boutique. Here you can find an excellent selection of many of the wares that you might find (if you’re lucky) in Ubud. These are carefully chosen for quality and originality. The prices are fixed and reasonable.

Among the items you’ll find here are silver and beaded jewelry, books, household accessories, natural toiletries, embroidered slippers, handsome rattan basketry, local art objects, and a good choice of very beautiful silk and cotton batiks. There are also a number of items found only at Komaneka, such as cotton robes and dresses with the Komaneka insignia, to take home as a reminder of a wonderful holiday.