In many parts of the world, Halloween conjures images of a dark windy night when wild spirits go about. With the Halloween feast coming at the end of October, Batukaru Kitchen invites you to sip our special concoctions and savor the ‘Bhuta Kala Dinner’ to make your holiday amazingly spooktacular.

Because Halloween is often associated with ghosts and ghouls, we take the theme of the Balinese bhuta kala, or spirits of the lower world — a similar idea in a different culture?

Our special Halloween cocktail is the Dark Devil Martini, beautifully concocted with Blue Curaçao, arak (Balinese spirit), lime juice, and grenadine — perfect for enjoying the dark vibes of a Halloween feast. A lighter yet tasty concoction, Sweet Poison, comes in a sultry red mood. This mocktail is made of tamarillo fruit, cranberry juice, orange juice and lemonade.

The dinner menu is Chicken Mango Salad, fresh shredded chicken and sliced mango with sesame dressing, cucumber, tomato and mixed salad; Pan-Seared Salmon with teriyaki, pineapple relish and sautéed vegetables; and Apple Pie to finish up with a sweet and sour touch.

Visit us and let the witches grant all your wishes.

Happy Halloween, everybody!