Bale Banjar

The banjar is a community organization based on the smallest neighborhood unit. This ancient system of local government is found throughout Bali, in both rural villages and towns, and it orders much of daily life. The members of the banjar are all the married couples of that particular neighborhood. The banjar has its own rules, [...]

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Crazy Worm Cocktail: Excitement in a Glass

This lively cocktail lets you feel the bliss vibes of a cocktail in a different way. The Crazy Worm subtly packs the fresh tartness of pineapple juice with the sweet pomegranate flavor of grenadine and the gentle warmth of vodka — and adds the surprise of red jelly worms for a bright, whimsical texture. They [...]

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Iga Babi Bakar: A Sumptuous Harmony

Pork is part of Balinese daily life and culture. It is considered a festive food, and it is also presented in certain offerings. Pork is the heart of important dishes like satay, Babi Guling (spit roasted whole pork) and lawar (a uniquely Balinese mix of vegetables with spices, fresh coconut, and meat). At Komaneka at [...]

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Tamiang – Spiritual Weapons

Ten days after Galungan, Balinese Hindus celebrate the feast of Kuningan, which this year falls on 15 April 2017. As glorious as Galungan, the celebration of Kuningan is also marked with prayers and offerings. People decorate their houses and temples with palm-leaf ornaments. Special among these is the tamiang. What is a tamiang? The tamiang [...]

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Peace of Ubud for Beauty and Peace of Mind

Things are not always what they appear to be. Familiar fruits and spices contain powerful secrets for healing the body and mind. Take for example Orange and Cinnamon. They may evoke the idea of a spicy fruit punch. Yet these are the ingredients of a wonderful aromatherapy oil called "Peace of Ubud", created exclusively for [...]

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Paon – the living heart of a Balinese house

The Balinese cosmos is orderly and full of meaning. Everything has its place and value, each with its own ideal location. All must be correctly aligned to achieve balance and harmony with the universe. Thus, rules are made for the common good. This applies even to Balinese architecture. Bali architecture has its own principles regarding [...]

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Reni Thinks Creative Way to Improving

Ni Wayan Reni is a shy and gentle woman with a big job: she is the Restaurant Manager at Komaneka at Tanggayuda, in charge of the recently opened Batukaru Restaurant, which is quickly becoming a destination restaurant. Even people who are not guests are drawn to the serene, hilly location, the food, and the fine [...]

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Yan Gek, Passionate Energy For Others

Ni Wayan Juliani, the Front Office Manager at Komaneka at Tanggayuda, has a passion for working — and a passion for dancing, and a passion for her family. She is indeed a passionate young woman whose small body seems to have enough energy for three people. Yan Gek, as she is called — although her [...]

June 24th, 2016|Komaneka|1 Comment

Art Stone at Komaneka at Tanggayuda

Crowning a hill overlooking a grassy courtyard at Komaneka at Tanggayuda is a mysterious grouping of stones. The stones are upright, recalling the famous monumental work at Stonehenge, although none of these are more than a meter high. The formation is circular, with the two largest in the center. With one slightly larger than the [...]

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Getting to Know Chef Bagi

As you savor the succulent Iga Babi (grilled pork ribs with pineapple, zucchini, and sweet chili sambal) — or sip on a Komaneka Star Cooler (made with vodka, fresh starfruit, lime juice and mint) — you may wonder: Who is the mastermind behind the cuisine and creative beverages at Komaneka Resorts? It is the good-natured [...]

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