Stunning Spots for Best Capture at Komaneka at Tanggayuda

August 19th, 2017|Komaneka|

Witnessing natural wonders is a great satisfaction for most people. Discovering and then leaving a trail of their beautiful journeys through camera shots has become a trend recently. At Komaneka at Tanggayuda, life is close [...]

Where To Eat?

August 5th, 2017|Culinary, Komaneka|

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy great food with a breathtaking view, why not consider Batukaru Kitchen at Komaneka at Tanggayuda? It’s just a ten-minute drive from Ubud into the [...]

Oleg Tamulilingan Dance

July 22nd, 2017|Culture, Komaneka|

Bali is famous for its art, especially its music and dance. One of the most beautiful classical dances is Oleg Tamulilingan. The dance was created by I Ketut Marya, better known as I Mario, in [...]

All Day Weekend Vibes by The Pool

July 8th, 2017|Komaneka, Travel|

When you are too lazy to go trekking, or it is too hot and humid and you don’t know what to do, why not cool down by jumping into one of Komaneka at Tanggayuda's infinity [...]

Bale Banjar

June 24th, 2017|Komaneka|

The banjar is a community organization based on the smallest neighborhood unit. This ancient system of local government is found throughout Bali, in both rural villages and towns, and it orders much of daily life. [...]

Crazy Worm Cocktail: Excitement in a Glass

June 10th, 2017|Culinary, Komaneka|

This lively cocktail lets you feel the bliss vibes of a cocktail in a different way. The Crazy Worm subtly packs the fresh tartness of pineapple juice with the sweet pomegranate flavor of grenadine and [...]

Iga Babi Bakar: A Sumptuous Harmony

May 20th, 2017|Culinary, Komaneka|

Pork is part of Balinese daily life and culture. It is considered a festive food, and it is also presented in certain offerings. Pork is the heart of important dishes like satay, Babi Guling (spit [...]

Ubud Food Festival: a Heaven for Food Lovers

May 6th, 2017|Culinary, Travel|

The Ubud Food Festival is a three-day event that gathers Indonesia’s top culinary figures and food lovers from near and far to come experience the beauty of diversity through food. This annual feast will take [...]

Tamiang – Spiritual Weapons

April 14th, 2017|Culture, Komaneka|

Ten days after Galungan, Balinese Hindus celebrate the feast of Kuningan, which this year falls on 15 April 2017. As glorious as Galungan, the celebration of Kuningan is also marked with prayers and offerings. People [...]