What do you think when you see a frangipani? Frangipani has long been associated with the beautiful little island, Bali.

Frangipani, known as kamboja in Indonesian, belongs to the genus Plumeria. This flower is originally from Central America, but has been widely found in many other countries, including Indonesia. Of the many types of flowers that have aesthetic value and benefits, the frangipani has long been identified with Bali. Many women in Bali like to tuck frangipani flowers into their hair when they go to the temple.

In Bali, you can find frangipani trees in lining the roads in towns and villages, as well as in many temples all around the island.

Frangipani trees in Bali bloom in sasih kapat (the auspicious fourth month of the Balinese solar calendar) which occurs around September–October. The frangipani flower is also believed to be a “natural essence” that brings enlightenment and goodness for humankind. Thus, frangipani is one of the favorite flowers for offerings.

In addition, almost all Balinese dancers use frangipani flowers as accessories. Frangipani flower images are very often found in various handicraft products from Bali such as clothes, hair ornaments and many others. Dried frangipani flowers are used as a raw material for perfume, beauty treatment products, and incense.

Dried frangipani is also exported to Korea, Taiwan, and China for the same purpose, making the frangipani flower a commodity of economic value.