Cloves for Beauty

It's not a secret anymore that clove is as a natural pain killer for toothache. Clove is also good for the stomach. When it’s mixed in a cup of tea or hot water, it leaves a warm feeling that not only helps against bloating, but is also effective to relieve nausea and indigestion.

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Ginger for Health and Beauty

As a beverage, ginger treats nausea and morning sickness, and warms the body. But if you don’t like its pungent taste, you can make it part of your beauty routine.

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Akar Wangi Spa in Ubud – Above It All

When you’re staying in the middle of town, it gives you a lift to look out over the town and get a different set of bearings. At Komaneka Rasa Sayang, you can go to the roof-top garden on the fourth floor and gaze out at the red roofs of low-rise central Ubud.

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Vetiver Root Beneficial Uses For Beauty and Health

Akar wangi roots have medicinal properties as well, delivered through their oil which is obtained through steam distillation. Vetiver oil is considered cooling and a tonic for the stomach, good for relieving muscle pain, thirst, inflammation, and irritation, for dissolving kidney stones, as an antispasmodic, an antiseptic, and in the treatment of fever. Vetiver oil is also used to treat lice and to repel mosquitos and termites.

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Akar Wangi Indulgence

Akar Wangi Spa will give you another sensation of Spa treatments in a quiet room of top floor Komaneka at Rasa Sayang. It is our traditionally full body massage is a signature treatment designed to soften and refresh skin with a moisturizing, finished with flower milk bath. Greeted with a welcome drink Minty Ginger Cooler [...]

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