Bali’s traditional markets are fascinating for their variety of local produce and goods for daily use. In Ubud, the local market is especially rich in things of interest to visitors. Here in one place you can find all sorts of affordable things to bring back home as gifts or for yourself to use while you’re in Bali. The Ubud Market is at the very center of town, at the top of the Monkey Forest Road. Prices are usually unmarked, so you will have to bargain – but if you do so courteously, this can be a friendly and pleasant experience.


Bali Sarongs

Bali sarongs can be found everywhere, and there is a huge variety at the Ubud Market. There are many sorts, including batik, the locally woven endek bali, and textiles from other islands. Prices range from around Rp. 50, 000 to Rp. 500, 000.



Traditional temple clothes (pakaian adat) are commonly sold at Ubud Market. These are useful if you want to attend a temple festival or other traditional ceremony. Both men and women wear a sarong around the hips (the vendor will show you how to tie it on). Women wear a kebaya blouse and waist sash. Men also wear a waist sash as well as a second hip cloth, or saput, and a head cloth (udeng). There is also a great variety of inexpensive casual clothes. Prices range from around Rp30,000 to Rp500,000.



Bali’s handicraft industry produces many sorts of accessories in various materials. You can find necklaces, bracelets, earrings, key chains, and many other interesting trinkets that make great gifts that are easy to pack. Materials range from yarn, shell, and wood to silver and gold. Prices start as low as Rp. 10,000.


Wood Carvings

Wood carving is a part of Balinese culture, evident in its traditional architecture, temple effigies, and theatrical masks. This skill also finds expression in fanciful wood sculpture, from tiny carvings to large statues. There are also many practical implements such as key chains, plates, ashtrays, and so forth. Prices start around Rp. 15,000.



Ceramics are a rising sector in the handicrafts industry. At the Ubud Market, you can find many small, pretty ceramic objects and accessories from dolls to plates and picture frames. Prices start around Rp. 25,000.



Ubud is known as a center of painting. Many artists live here, both new and already famous. At the Ubud Market, you can exercise your eye for art — and your bargaining skills — and discover a very wide range of quality at an equally wide range of price. You may be surprised with a good deal on something you love.



Ubud Market is also a great place to look for a bag. There bags made of rattan and a variety of textiles. The quality is similar to those sold at the shops, while the price is usually much cheaper. Prices start from around Rp. 50,000.

Put on a hat and some comfortable shoes and treat yourself to a couple of hours of shopping at the Ubud Market. You’re sure to find some wonderful things to take home.