Rujak is one of the dishes that enrich Bali’s culinary feast. It is generally made of various fruits that are peeled and sliced thin, and then mixed with a special sauce that is sweet, salty, sour, spicy, and savory. Rujak is usually served as dessert, but for Balinese, especially rujak lovers, it is great anytime.

Rujak seasoning depends on one’s creativity and individual taste; there are no rigid rules for the seasoning ingredients nor for the types of fruit used. Yet, most recipes include brown sugar, tamarind, salt, chili, and shrimp paste, and any type of fruit.

In some places, rujak is sold with additional seasoning options such as mackerel sauce or vinegar. Others may sell rujak bulung. Bulung is the Balinese term for seaweed. To make it, you need to boil the seaweed and then immediately put it in ice so it won’t be easily broken. Then, the process is the same as making the usual rujak, by mixing all seasoning ingredients manually until smooth, and then stirring it into sliced fruit or bulung.

There are plenty of flavors in a bite of rujak. Don’t you want to try? No worries, rujak is now served at Garden Terrace Kitchen. And you can order it by the poolside.