The “Coming Home” Series No. Four

Good news for all travelers and art lovers: “Revelation of Nature” — the fourth of the Coming Home series of art exhibitions at Komaneka Fine Art Gallery — is soon to be unveiled.

Starting in 2016, “Coming Home” has been created to celebrate the birth of new works of art by artists who exhibited at Komaneka Fine Art Gallery when they were young and up-and-coming. This series of exhibitions is like a new chapter after a long journey that leads them back home.

This time it is a privilege to welcome back the Balinese artist I Nengah Sujena.

Sujena lives surrounded by nature in the highlands of Bangli Regency. “Revelation of Nature” explores the unity of nature and humans; it is daily life experience in a simplified form or dimension while going deeper into space and motion. Abstractly painted, there’s a chance for you to explore many possible meanings.

“Revelation of Nature” will be held from 27th August 2017 to 27th September 2017 at Komaneka Fine Art Gallery. Everyone is cordially invited to witness the work of this gifted artist from 8AM to 9PM daily.