Good drinks come with no season or right occasion. It is an anytime-pleasure for the restless soul’s uncountable rewards and blessings. Here, you can add Komaneka Star Cooler Sensation to your collection of favorite cocktails.

Star fruit is a local favorite in the tropical countries of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. It can be eaten fresh or become the main flavor in an intriguing cocktail. The Komaneka Star Cooler Sensation is composed of start fruit, lime juice, sugar, mint leaf and vodka, garnished with a star anise.
Mint leaf adds a fresh, cooling sensation in this succulent blend, balancing the tartness of the lime and star fruit and the gentle warming of vodka.

The Komaneka Star Cooler Sensation is one of Komaneka’s signature cocktails. You can try it at our tranquil home, Komaneka at Monkey Forest, amidst the bustling Monkey Forest Road.