Bali has so many things to see. Besides the beaches and landscapes, there are famous heritage sites that will give you a sense of Bali’s ancient origins.

To introduce to you some of most visited places in Bali, Komaneka Resorts offers a special half-day tour package. The tour takes approximately 4 to 5 hours, and can be started early in the morning or at another time of your preference. A luxurious air-conditioned car with a professional driver will take you around. You are free to set the pace. The driver will be glad to stop for a while to let you enjoy the scenery or take pictures, and he will be happy to talk to you about what you see.

Let’s say you depart from the Komaneka Resort at 9 am in the morning. You will arrive at the first heritage site of the wonderful Tegallalang rice terraces at around 9.30 am, a short distance north of Ubud. This site is famous for its roadside view of steep, shapely rice terraces across a deep, narrow river gorge, giving you a good glimpse of the irrigation system and farmers working their fields.

The next stop is the sacred volcano Mount Batur, located in the mountainous countryside of Kintamani, Bangli. Here you will be amazed by the sight of a volcano and lake inside a huge volcanic caldera. Mount Batur is still an active volcano; the last eruption happened in 2000. Next to it is the lovely Lake Batur, which provides water for the farmers in much of eastern and central Bali. Looking down into the caldera, you may see tiny-looking trucks far in the distance as they collect sand. There are a number of small villages in the caldera.

Heading south now, you will visit the living temple Pura Tirta Empul. Located in Tampaksiring village, Gianyar Regency, it is renowned for its row of holy springs within the temple. Many Balinese come to this temple for purification purposes. Within walking distance from Tirta Empul is one of palaces of the Indonesian government, which serves as a retreat for the President of Indonesia.

On the way back, you may stop at the nearby Gunung Kawi ‘tombs’. This is one of Bali’s oldest monuments, dating from the tenth century, and the site is carved into the sides of an immense river gorge. A steep stone stairway leads down into a beautiful valley where you find ten, seven-meter-high memorials or candi carved into the rock face. The candi are said to be the funerary memorials of an ancient king and his concubines.

If there is still enough time, Goa Gajah, which means ‘Elephant Cave’, will be the last destination of the day. This is an ancient temple complex with Hindu and Buddhist features. It is thought to have been a monastic retreat, and it includes remains of a bathing pool, several temples, and the famous cave, whose outer face is carved with a wild relief depicting forests, animals, and a monstrous head.

Give yourself the pleasure of a private tour of these famous sites. Many special memories await you here. So, plan your holiday with us to experience the original Bali.