Woven Bag from Pandan Leaves

Human beings live from their creativity, and the Balinese are famously creative. The fascination of handicrafts is seeing what someone can make from the surrounding natural materials. Take for example Bali’s famous woven bags, made of pandanus, or pandan, leaves.

January 13th, 2018|Travel|0 Comments

Exploring Balinese Heritage: Half-day tour Kintamani

Bali has so many things to see. Besides the beaches and landscapes, there are famous heritage sites that will give you a sense of Bali's ancient origins. To introduce to you some of most visited places in Bali, Komaneka Resorts offers a special half-day tour package. The tour takes approximately 4 to 5 hours, and can be started early in the morning or at another time of your preference.

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7 Facts About Ubud’s Monkey Forest

The Monkey Forest Road (or Monkey Forest Street, depending on who’s doing the typing) runs from Puri Ubud, the Ubud palace in the center of town, to a small forest inhabited by monkeys. Both the forest and the monkeys themselves are sacred. Here are some other things to know.

June 27th, 2016|Travel|1 Comment

Bali Silver Wrought

Silver is a beautiful and precious element, symbolic of purity and the moon. In Bali, communities of silversmiths have been producing ritual objects and jewelry for centuries. During the ‘age of kings’ (which lasted into the twentieth century), silversmiths worked largely under the patronage of the royal courts.

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