Satay Night: savoring your own handmade satay!

Ubud offers many different dining experiences. But if you are craving a dinner that excites a feeling of real Bali, consider SATAY NIGHT by Komaneka Resorts. Charmingly situated in our shady garden at Komaneka at Monkey Forest, Satay Night is held regularly to invite you to experience the fun of making your own satay. Satay [...]

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Komaneka Star Cooler Sensation

Good drinks come with no season or right occasion. It is an anytime-pleasure for the restless soul’s uncountable rewards and blessings. Here, you can add Komaneka Star Cooler Sensation to your collection of favorite cocktails. Star fruit is a local favorite in the tropical countries of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. It can be eaten fresh [...]

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Star Anise – a gorgeous spice

Star anise (Illicium verum) or kembang lawang is a unique spice in the shape of a star, five to ten pointed boat-shaped sections, about eight on average. Star anise is the fruit of a small oriental tree that is native to China and Vietnam. Nowadays, it is widely used as food flavoring as well as [...]

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Abug Gobes – Komaneka’s Sweetness Secret

Komaneka Kitchen highlights the rich flavors of Bali's culinary heritage in our daily service, from main course to traditional light snacks. One of Komaneka's favorite is Abug Gobes. Abug is an authentic Indonesian dish from Bali. The main ingredient of abug is cassava, widely used as a snack and easy to find, especially in the [...]

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Jineng – Sacred Symbol of the Spirit of Prosperity

Komaneka at Monkey Forest is designed for the atmosphere of being in a Balinese home, and it has numerous elements of traditional Balinese architecture. One example is the jineng, or rice barn. The jineng is a steeply curved roof above a platform. Its function is to store agricultural crops, especially newly harvested rice. According to [...]

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An indescribable taste: Pepes Ikan Kecarum

Taste is a mystery. Everyone experiences it a bit differently. And taste is always an adventure. At Komaneka, one famous dish is our special Pepes Ikan Kecarum—spiced snapper fillet grilled in a banana leaf. Unlike other pepes ikan that you may find in Bali, our Pepes Ikan Kecarum is unique. What makes it special? It’s [...]

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Pandan Wangi Spa – Tradition Meets Luxury

The notion of traditional healing may conjure up images of a rustic hut, perhaps a shaman, and possibly being caught in the rain in a muddy farmer’s yard. At the Pandan Wangi Spa at Komaneka Monkey Forest, you can experience all the natural goodness of traditional healing remedies in circumstances of quiet luxury. Pandan Wangi [...]

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Alit “The Invisible Hand”

Pak Ketut Alit is the Chief Engineer at Komaneka Monkey Forest. His job is to make sure that guests remain unaware of his job — that is, to make sure that everything works. He is responsible for the perfect functioning of the practical things that make a resort comfortable: electricity, plumbing, the swimming pools, the [...]

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Sate Lilit: Bali’s Specialty Satay

Balinese festive cuisine is based the practice of giving offerings of sacrificial meats at religious ceremonies such as temple festivals, weddings, and cremations. Because it begins with ritual slaughter, ceremonial cooking is carried out by the men of the community. A portion of the meat is reserved for offerings, but the rest is served as [...]

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Healing With Scent

What could be more delightful than aromatherapy? The plant world holds a universe of healing power in its flowers, leaves, and roots. Besides their direct medicinal properties, the fragrances themselves are believed to have therapeutic powers, operating on the mind and body through the sense of smell. Essential oils have pharmacological qualities as well. Aromatherapy [...]

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