Barong Landung

The Hindu Balinese have a long cultural history, much of which can be seen in its ritual art works. One example is the Barong Landung.

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Ngelawang: Galungan feast, culture, and creativity

Soon the entire island of Bali will celebrate Galungan, the victory of dharma (good) over adharma. This holy day, which comes every 210 days on Balinese calendar, is a time for feasting, prayers, and the gathering of families to honor their deified ancestors. The Galungan season is closed ten days later with Kuningan. Between Galungan and Kuningan, if we go around villages on the island, it is common to see a unique ritual called ngelawang.

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Jineng – Sacred Symbol of the Spirit of Prosperity

Komaneka at Monkey Forest is designed for the atmosphere of being in a Balinese home, and it has numerous elements of traditional Balinese architecture. One example is the jineng, or rice barn.

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Penjor – A Living Symbol Full of Meaning and Beauty

A strikingly beautiful ornament seen at Galungan is the penjor, a tall lavishly decorated bamboo pole erected in front of the gate of every house compound. The streets are full of these wonderful confections, curving elegantly in the air.

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Melasti – Ritual of Purification

Melasti is derived from the word mala meaning 'dirt' and asti which means 'to dispose of or destroy'. Thus, Melasti is a purification ceremony to dispel all negative energies. It is meant to wash away the suffering of people and any impurity that spoils the sanctity of the universe.

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Bali Artisan Heritage

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Bali’s forests were so thick and abundant that wood was the most freely available material for building. But even then, people did not use it with abandon. There was a particular wood for every particular use. Before cutting down a tree, offerings were given to ask permission of the tree.

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Megibung, Tradition of Eating Together

Right after the closing of a ceremony, several groups of people sitting cross-legged in a circle. Amount of rice with a variety of dishes are placed in the middle, ready to be eaten. They enjoy food morsel by morsel in an orderly manner. The dining interspersed with cheerful chatter full of intimacy. It is a traditional communal eating of Karangasem regency called megibung.

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