There are many beautiful places in Bali that give the mood of being lost in paradise, without being too hard to find. Our Komaneka at Monkey Forest – with its quiet contemporary design and tall shady gardens – is an oasis just off Ubud’s busy Monkey Forest Road.

Here are three great spots to photograph, when you are wondering within the resort:

Infinity Pool

Our infinity pool has many moods. In the early morning, the sunlight dances on the tropical foliage. At mid-day, it’s a refreshing place to cool off and have a snack. The afternoon vibes are relaxed and inviting, with beautiful end-of-the-day light.

Garden Area

Komaneka at Monkey Forest is set in the midst of a cool shady garden, filled with tropical vegetation such as you would find in a Balinese house. There are many wonderful shots to capture here.

Credit: Kristie Murray


Komaneka Fine Art Gallery is one of the main attractions at Komaneka at Monkey Forest. In addition to being the forerunner to the establishment of Komaneka Resorts, Komaneka Fine Art Gallery is devoted to high-end Indonesian art. The collection has hundreds of art works, including paintings and wood sculpture, by prominent Balinese and Indonesian artists. This is a good place to raise your aesthetic mood.