Komaneka Kitchen highlights the rich flavors of Bali’s culinary heritage in our daily service, from main course to traditional light snacks. One of Komaneka’s favorite is Abug Gobes.

Abug is an authentic Indonesian dish from Bali. The main ingredient of abug is cassava, widely used as a snack and easy to find, especially in the traditional market.

Our Abug Gobes is made of selected cassava, palm sugar, coconut, and other ingredients as flavoring. It is quite sticky and delightfully sweet.

Abug Gobes takes be less than an hour to make, depending on the quantity. First, the cassava is skinned, cleaned, grated, and then sprinkled with salt. The salted cassava is put into a cake mold, and then topped with fresh grated coconut with palm sugar. It is then ready to be steamed for about 30 minutes.

After steaming, it is allowed to cool before being cut. At Komaneka, it is cut into 4×4 cm squares, but of course you can have other sizes and shapes.

Our sweet Abug Gobes is usually served as the companion of tea or coffee at Komaneka afternoon tea time.