Barong Landung

November 13th, 2017|Culture|

The Hindu Balinese have a long cultural history, much of which can be seen in its ritual art works. One example is the Barong Landung.

Ngelawang: Galungan feast, culture, and creativity

October 26th, 2017|Culture|

Soon the entire island of Bali will celebrate Galungan, the victory of dharma (good) over adharma. This holy day, which comes every 210 days on Balinese calendar, is a time for feasting, prayers, and the gathering of families to honor their deified ancestors. The Galungan season is closed ten days later with Kuningan. Between Galungan and Kuningan, if we go around villages on the island, it is common to see a unique ritual called ngelawang.

Best 3 Photo Spots at Komaneka at Monkey Forest

October 7th, 2017|Komaneka|

There are many beautiful places in Bali that give the mood of being lost in paradise, without being too hard to find. Our Komaneka at Monkey Forest - with its quiet contemporary design and tall shady gardens - is an oasis just off Ubud’s busy Monkey Forest Road. Here are three great spots to photograph, when you are wondering within the resort.

Kebet Satay Night: Saatnya menikmati sate buatan tangan sendiri!

September 18th, 2017|Culinary|

Ubud menawarkan pengalaman bersantap yang beragam. Tapi jika Anda mendambakan makan malam dengan suasana Bali yang sesungguhnya, mungkin anda bisa coba KEBET SATAY NIGHT, Komaneka Resorts.

Revelation of Nature

August 19th, 2017|Events, Komaneka|

Good news for all travelers and art lovers: "Revelation of Nature" — the fourth of the Coming Home series of art exhibitions at Komaneka Fine Art Gallery — is soon to be unveiled.

Rujak: Flavor Feast in One Bite

August 12th, 2017|Culinary, Komaneka|

Rujak is one of the dishes that enrich Bali's culinary feast. It is generally made of various fruits that are peeled and sliced thin, and then mixed with a special sauce that is sweet, salty, sour, spicy, and savory. Rujak is usually served as dessert, but for Balinese, especially rujak lovers, it is great anytime.

Exploring Balinese Heritage: Half-day tour Kintamani

August 5th, 2017|Travel|

Bali has so many things to see. Besides the beaches and landscapes, there are famous heritage sites that will give you a sense of Bali's ancient origins. To introduce to you some of most visited places in Bali, Komaneka Resorts offers a special half-day tour package. The tour takes approximately 4 to 5 hours, and can be started early in the morning or at another time of your preference.

Bali Sunny – Celebrate life with a touch of Balinese warmth

July 8th, 2017|Komaneka, Wellness|

Inspired by the tropical atmosphere of Bali Island, Komaneka Resorts has created the aromatic oil Bali Sunny, a perfect blend to invigorate the senses. It unveils the advantages of Cananga, Tangerine, and Lavender in one harmonious blend.

Satay Night: savoring your own handmade satay!

June 24th, 2017|Culinary, Events, Komaneka|

Ubud offers many different dining experiences. But if you are craving a dinner that excites a feeling of real Bali, consider SATAY NIGHT by Komaneka Resorts.