Bali is famous for many things — its beautiful landscapes, gracious hospitality, and unique culture — but it is especially known for its many thousands of temples, from great temple complexes to small family shrines.

By the seashore, you often find a particular temple called a pura segara. There is also the smaller pelinggih segara. Both are dedicated to Dewa Baruna, the deity of the sea. A pura segara is a temple maintained by a community or several villages, while a pelinggih segara is a shrine built by a smaller community or even a family, and in Bali it can be found at every house and business near the sea. Thus Komaneka at Keramas Beach also has its own Pelinggih Segara.

Our Pelinggih Segara was built when we started building the resort at Keramas Beach. Ever since then, Komaneka’s staff put out offerings every day, not only at the Pelinggih Segara, but also at other shrines and temples within the resort. Offerings are performed as an act of devotion to ask for protection and blessings for everyone who is in the resort environment.

When you visit us, you will see the Pelinggih Segara shrine located in front of our restaurant Timur Kitchen.