Pura Masceti is a temple located in Medahan, Keramas village, Blahbatuh district, Gianyar, Bali, which is approximately 2 kilometers from Komaneka at Keramas and about a 50-minute drive from Ubud. It is directly across from the Masceti beach. This temple is not only a place of Hindu worship, but also engraved in the history of the origin of the existence of Keramas village. The word ‘masceti’ itself derives from words mas or rays, and ceti which means ‘in and out’. But there is no written history about the beginning of this temple.

Pura Masceti is known as a place to worship the God Wisnu. It is often used as a place to seek supernatural power. Many Hindus make Masceti temple a place of solitude and meditation.

This sacred temple is also referred to as the Pura Swagina or temple of professions. Farmers often visit to make a special request for the fertility of their agricultural land and pray that it be protected from pests and disease.

Another interesting thing about the masceti temple is the unwritten bans about entering the temple that are still believed and observed by local people. One of them is not to feed the fish that live in the pond inside the temple area. It is also forbidden to enter if one is in a state of ritual taboo, that is, menstruating, in mourning, or if one is a mother whose child has not yet done its hair-cutting ritual.

Masceti temple is very well preserved by the subak residents who come from around Medahan, Keramas, and Tedung. Today, Masceti temple exists not only as a place of worship, but also as one of the attractions when traveling to the Keramas area, especially during a visit to Komaneka at Keramas.