No matter how much we eat, there will be always room for dessert.

If you visit us at Timur Kitchen, here are some of the must-try desserts we offer:

Sea Grass Panna Cotta

This beautiful dessert is made of seaweed with the natural flavoring of green tea. It is served with deviled ginger candy, Bedugul goji berry salsa, and yogurt ice cream. The sweet-sour of the goji berry salsa gives it a hit to boost your senses. This is a taste that goes best with the sea breeze and summer bliss by the sea.

It’s so pretty, it begs to be captured. Get a quick capture, as it melts quickly!

Sela Manis

Sela is the Balinese name for sweet potato. It has long been part of Balinese culinary traditions, sometimes mixed with rice or transformed into various light snacks.

At Timur Kitchen, the sweet potato is the inspiration of this beautiful dessert, Sela Manis. We use the purple sweet potato to get the right sweetness, with a medium soft texture. Sela Manis is served with candied sweet potato and our homemade vanilla gelato.

Visit us at Timur Kitchen and finish your meal on a sweet note with these great desserts!