Tugeh: Beauty and Meaning

Aside of being famous for its nature and performing arts, Bali also has an architectural art that is no less remarkable. Traditional Balinese architecture has its own principles regarding the layout, size, location, and alignment of every building in the courtyard, so as to meet the aesthetic value and function of each building. One of [...]

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Timur Kitchen Seaside Brunch

Evolving as a healthy dining destination, Timur Kitchen inside the Komaneka at Keramas Beach resort is a stand-alone restaurant serving modern international cuisine with an emphasis on Indonesian ingredients and spices. New in this season, Timur Kitchen now launches brunch, ideal for an outing with family and friends. Among the dishes are: Egg Benedict (poached [...]

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Ocean Pool Villa for Your Sweet Escape

Are you planning an escape soon? If yes, and Bali is one of the destinations on your bucket list, you may consider our new home by the sea, Komaneka at Keramas Beach. Inspired by the ocean as the dominant feature, Komaneka at Keramas Beach presents the Ocean Pool Villa. Each villa has a contemporary design [...]

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Must-Try Desserts at Timur Kitchen

No matter how much we eat, there will be always room for dessert. If you visit us at Timur Kitchen, here are some of the must-try desserts we offer: Sea Grass Panna Cotta This beautiful dessert is made of seaweed with the natural flavoring of green tea. It is served with deviled ginger candy, Bedugul [...]

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Pura Segara

Bali is famous for many things — its beautiful landscapes, gracious hospitality, and unique culture — but it is especially known for its many thousands of temples, from great temple complexes to small family shrines. By the seashore, you often find a particular temple called a pura segara. There is also the smaller pelinggih segara. [...]

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Sambal Kluwek

Sambal Kluwek is a classic in Indonesia's culinary heritage. This richly flavored condiment has a medium-soft texture and a very distinctive taste. Its dark color comes from the kluwek nut, which is the signature of several famous Indonesian dishes, such as rawon (meat soup with a spice mixture containing kluwek) and sop brongkos (a soup [...]

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Puri Saren Agung – A Living History

Puri Saren Agung, also known as Puri Ubud (meaning 'Ubud palace'), is a historic complex of traditional buildings nestled in the heart of Ubud in central Bali. In Balinese, puri is the term for the residence of Balinese nobles, and also for the resident family. Puri Saren Agung is the home of the ruling family [...]

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Keramas Mary – Seaside Soul

Keramas Mary — like the gorgeous 360-degree view of the Indian Ocean, rice fields, and Mount Agung — is one of the delightful things that make the Timur Kitchen restaurant at Komaneka at Keramas the destination of a culinary adventure. Inspired by the classic Bloody Mary cherished by cocktail lovers, Keramas Mary comes with a [...]

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Balinese Endek: Unique and original woven textiles

Endek is a special kind of woven Balinese cloth. In Bali, endek has an important role in everyday life, especially in traditional and religious ceremonies, such as weddings, tooth-filings, cremations, and other important ceremonies. The uniqueness of the endek fabric lies in its diverse motifs. Some motifs are considered sacred and may be used only [...]

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Duck Pomelo: A perfect blend of savory, rich, and tart

Food becomes precious when you share it with someone you love. At Timur Kitchen, a refreshing open air venue overlooking the sea and spectacular 360⁰ views, you will want to bring a friend to experience the Duck Pomelo, created to pamper your craving for delicacies. Duck Pomelo features an ample portion of honey duck, pomelo, [...]

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