Everyone knows that yoga is good for you — good for you entirely, because of the way it unites the body and the mind and helps dismantle the blockages in both. To practice yoga requires little more space than that taken up by your body. But within that framework there is a world of perfecting the practice through mastery of the asana postures.

Vinyasa yoga, or flow yoga, is a type of yoga practice in which you move (flow) from one asana posture to the next, coordinating the breath. Many yoga gurus believe that this is the way to derive full benefit from the poses.

Yogis and yoginis on holiday at Komaneka Bisma can join Vinyasa yoga classes every Wednesday and Saturday from 3.30pm to 5pm. Classes are also held at the sister resort Komaneka Tanggayuda on Mondays and Thursdays at the same time. Transport is easy to arrange with the resort.