How can you let the Halloween pass by without doing something spooktacular? Seneng Kitchen has created the Yin Yang Martini with a special shiver.

The Yin Yang Martini takes the idea of dualities in Chinese philosophy. It presents a balance between two opposites, e.g., dark and light, with the same portion of each element. As a Halloween gentle touch, it lets you taste virtue and wickedness in a lustrous glass.

This concoction comes in two beautiful colors. It suits those who love coffee but yearn for a martini — the Yin Yang Martini is the answer. It is made of vodka, gelatin, Kahlua, and coffee.

On October 30 & 31, 2017 at Seneng Kitchen, you get a special price for the Yin Yang Martini. Let’s make the night magical!
We wish you a frightfully good time on Halloween!