Kori Bang, which means ‘red door’, is the symbol of Komaneka at Bisma. Here is the story behind it.

Bang or barak is Balinese for ‘red’. It is one of the strongest colors we may encounter. It is warm and associated with people’s most physical will to survive. It represents passions and desires. Red is the color for good luck in China, where it represents a positive welcoming energy in their Feng Shui system of the physical and spiritual environment. In Indian culture, it is the symbol of purity and is often used as the base color of their wedding gowns. In Bali, bang or red is the sacred color of Brahma, one of the three gods in the Hindu trinity.

Kori is Balinese for ‘door’. The kori bali is the traditional door framed in a stone gate or carving wood that has been part of Balinese culture and architecture for centuries. In former times, a grand door could be found only in temples (pura) and in puri, the houses of the aristocracy: not all Balinese were allowed to use elaborate carvings on their door. In modern times, anyone who can afford it may have a grand door.

At Komaneka at Bisma, our Kori Bang is warm and classic. It is a way into a new world, a new place, a home. Our home is a sophisticated sanctuary in the famous village of Ubud. It is a place of peace nestled in a rainforest, where contemporary design embraces culture and tradition. Our Kori Bang is open wide for those who love luxury and the miraculous spirit of the land—a symbol of warm welcome into our tranquil home.