Shivaratri or Siwaratri, literally means ‘Shiva Nights’, is Balinese Hindu’s holy day to ask for forgiveness to the God (Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa). Shiva is one of the Supreme Gods in Hindu. The holy day of Siwaratri is as well illustrated as redemption night to contemplate all the sins Balinese did. Siwaratri celebrated in new moon of Sasih Kepitu (7th month of Balinese calendar). The procession or activities proceeding and during the day is begin with a morning prayer. People usually pray in their compound temple called Sanggah.

Started from 6.00 in the evening, until the next morning, there are several activities that taken place. The first is Monabrata or a ritual that prohibited people from talking or making conversation. The second one is Upawasa or conduct of not eating and drinking or consuming food of any kind. The third one called Mejagra, means prohibition from sleeping.

A ceremony or prayer is held at the end of any of the activities mentioned above. The Siwaratri celebration is mainly aimed to contemplate and beg for forgiveness to the God, and as well to endure any materialism and to be closer to god by surrender and prayer. Hindus are expected to read as much as Weda or holy bible literature during this day as well as meditate.

This year, Siwaratri is celebrated on 15th January 2018. Balinese usually goes to temple in the night for their prayer and meditation.