The swimming pool is the perfect escape in tropical Bali — great for exercise, of course, but also excellent for just relaxing. How pleasant it is to linger in the water and order a refreshing cocktail from the pool bar. But how about something to eat? Now, Komaneka at Bisma lets you a hearty snack right by the poolside.

Komaneka at Bisma’s poolside menu offers light meals that are perfect during your leisure time at the pool: from the favorite Quesadilla, the tasty Burger, to our Pool Club Sandwich (chicken, egg, tomato, bacon, cheese and lettuce). There are also cocktails, wine and other beverages.

If you like, you can watch the cooking process, as it is done in an open air kitchen by the pool.

Our poolside menu is available daily at all Komaneka Properties from 11am to 6pm.