Memetik Buah Surga (Plucking the Fruits of Heaven) is a masterpiece of sculpture in merbau wood, created by the Balinese artist, Pande Ketut Taman and his team in 2009. It tells of the life cycle of the soul through many reincarnations, with the aim of achieving moksa—union with the God the Creator, the ultimate freedom. In Hindu belief, many re-births are necessary to cleanse the soul of its karma, the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future lifetimes.

The sculpture, which stands 2,35 meters high, has hundreds figures, each one distinctively unique. The gold leaves on the top are a symbol of heavenly freedom. The bottom part shows the beginning of life—young people with diverse activities and various emotions, not yet aware of the importance of becoming closer to God through prayer. As the time goes on, the people get older. Some have more time to think and to realize that life is not that long. They almost run out of time to make amends for their wrongs. In the end, people get the result of their own karma. They are rewarded or punished according to their actions. If they do good in life, then they can count the buah surga—the fruits of heaven—that they deserve. That’s the art of Karma.

This piece is currently displayed in the lobby of Komaneka at Bisma resort.