The Lunar New Year is one of the most awaited annual festivals for people of Chinese ancestry all over the world. For many people it is celebrated with prayers and other acts of devotion, but special dinner is always a good way to welcome that special moment with family.

And, if you are craving a dinner that combines the feeling of real Bali and the feast of The Year of Dog, consider our 2018 Lunar New Year Special Dinner by Komaneka Resorts.

Beautifully situated in our two-story restaurant, Seneng Kitchen, at Komaneka at Bisma, the special dinner will be held on Thursday, 15 February 2018. It features an 8-course Chinese Fusion Dinner especially prepared by our Komaneka Chef. All dishes are created from the finest fresh ingredients to excite your senses. Your table will brim with delightful delicacies.

The festive evening will be accompanied by the serene sound of the ‘Kecapi’ traditional music from West Java.

Keep in touch with us and see you on our Lunar New Year Special Dinner!