We love to be active. But our body, including all organs, muscles, cells, and glands, works hard to keep us performing in top condition. To maintain fitness, a healthy lifestyle is required, and a number of treatments are offered as a reward. Yet, among all parts of the body, the least pampered seems to be the feet.

Did you know?

Feet have reflex points that relate to the body’s different organs. There are thousands of nerves in the feet that connect to the brain and head, lungs, heart, liver and the whole body. Since the feet have important points that affect the entire body, your feet need regular treatment.

Knowing the importance of foot treatment, Komaneka Spa presents a thirty-minute foot massage to give you healthy feet and the feeling of well-being.

First the feet are washed with fresh water to dispel free radicals and bring freshness before the treatment. As the body is down in comfort, all the muscles will naturally relax and release their tension. Then warm oil applied over the feet with a wonderful relaxing sensation.

Komaneka foot massage continues with acupuncture massage, applying pressure to specific reflex points that relax the muscles around the feet and stimulate certain organs. Through the massage, the blood circulation is elevated to enrich oxygen to the body’s cells, which is essential for overall health.

Supported by the scent of exclusively made Komaneka oils, Komaneka Spa foot massage creates a physiological change in the body by naturally improving the blood circulation and reducing tension in the body.

Regular foot massage also promotes good sleep, lessens stress and anxiety and improves mood.

Remember, healthy feet bring you to good places! Love your feet! They are as busy as your heart beating.

Experience the benefits of foot massage at Wana Jiwa Spa, the Home of Serenity for the Soul!