Create Your Own Pizza: a tailor-made experience

Who doesn’t love pizza? Hot, rich, and savory, everyone has his or her own favorite style of pizza. Komaneka at Bisma offers you a great chance to make your own variation. Taking place at our Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, this special activity is designed especially for pizza lovers. Here, all you need is to set the [...]

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Rejuvenating Massage: Putting Your Whole Body into Deep Relaxation

Wana Jiwa Spa at Komaneka Bisma offers a perfect body indulgence through the Rejuvenating Massage, a gentle massage treatment using heated massage oil and specific strokes aimed at balancing the nervous system and restoring vital energy flows. This full-body massage is designed to rejuvenate and achieve a balance of mind, body, and soul. The journey [...]

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Red Light Special Dinner – For A Night of Romance in Ubud

If you love beautiful things in the evening — like candlelight, lanterns and flowers — consider ordering a Red Light Special Dinner at Komaneka Resorts to share with someone you love. Charmingly set up by the poolside or in your private villa, this is a feast with Balinese atmosphere and all the promise of intimacy. [...]

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Foot Massage — A Gentle Reward for Your Busy Feet

We love to be active. But our body, including all organs, muscles, cells, and glands, works hard to keep us performing in top condition. To maintain fitness, a healthy lifestyle is required, and a number of treatments are offered as a reward. Yet, among all parts of the body, the least pampered seems to be [...]

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Why a Kori Bang?

Kori Bang, which means 'red door', is the symbol of Komaneka at Bisma. Here is the story behind it. Bang or barak is Balinese for 'red'. It is one of the strongest colors we may encounter. It is warm and associated with people’s most physical will to survive. It represents passions and desires. Red is [...]

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Bali’s Rice Field – Carved Earth for the Rice Goddess

A field of corn is what it is, but Bali’s rice fields (called sawah) are fascinating for their beauty and the rich lore of rice-growing. Because the topography of the land is steep and hilly, the fields are terraced and contoured to perfectly fit the shape of land, allowing cultivation on steep slopes. The carving [...]

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Yoga Class in Ubud

Everyone knows that yoga is good for you — good for you entirely, because of the way it unites the body and the mind and helps dismantle the blockages in both. To practice yoga requires little more space than that taken up by your body. But within that framework there is a world of perfecting [...]

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Romantic Restaurant In Ubud With The Fabulous View

Most people do it every day. Some people do it all day long. A few know how to raise it to the level of art. The creature-need to eat finds its highest human expression in wining & dining. Here is where companionship, setting, and the art of preparing and serving food come together in an [...]

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Getting to Know Pak Terima, A Strong And Gentle Man

When you’re traveling, you don’t always notice all the people who contribute to your comfort, pleasure, and safety. The Senior Security Officer at Komaneka Bisma, for example — Pak Nyoman Terima — is a quiet and modest man, whom you may know only from his smile and a gentle “good morning” or “good afternoon.” But [...]

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