Every moment is precious, but some moments need to be captured and kept. When you are at Komaneka at Bisma, there are many places that are especially good for remembering your stay with us.

Here are some of our best places for taking pictures. Check it out!

The Love Bridge

Our love bridge is a sensuous path through the rich garden vegetation. It takes a bit of effort to find the best angle. But once you’ve got it, you will have an instagenic feed to boost up your social media account.

The Main Pool

Bali has summertime all year long. As the day gets hot, the pool is the best place to spend your lovely days. Here, our infinity pool is a stunning icon. And after your shoot, you can enjoy some laps and chill out.

The Lobby

Our lobby is a living space full of art. It’s rich in wood, and furnished with Indonesian and Balinese art and art objects — an elegance that begs to be captured. Within the lobby, there is a lobby bar where you can order light refreshments or your favorite cocktail. This would be nice for your companion in a great shot.

Will you spend a lovely moment here?

The Seneng Kitchen’s Terrace

Seneng Kitchen is designed for a luxurious dining experience. With a beautiful details everywhere, the restaurant is photogenic enough to fill your social media feeds. It’s rich with wooden sculpture and many other art objects. The most desired dining spot is the terrace, where you can enjoy your meal with unrestricted views to Komaneka at Bisma’s own rice fields, our main pool, and of course the refreshing green jungle. Our boutique is on upper floor. So, while you’re waiting for your special breakfast, lunch or dinner, have a look at our collections. Or take some pictures?

The Wanasmara Wedding Chapel

The Wanasmara Wedding Chapel is a non-denominational chapel dedicated to the celebration of marriage rituals of any faith. This secluded place stands amidst the tropical rainforest overlooking the Campuhan river gorge, so it offers a really fresh and relaxing atmosphere. It has a lot of picturesque details with green lush surroundings. Even though this chapel was built for marriage rites, it is okay to take some shots here, maybe as a reference for your own event.

These are only some of our favorite photo spots. Come discover more of Komaneka at Bisma’s corners of beauty — there are many still waiting to get captured. For more reference, you can check our instagram account @komanekaresorts.

Thank you for reading!